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The Brain and Health Connection: The Value of the Adjustment!

I sometimes try to explain why Chiropractic Adjustments are an important part of a patient's goal of achieving overall excellent health.  I'd say about 60% of my patient's understand it's importance, internalize it and makes their adjustments a part of their lives.  Much like brushing your teeth or sleeping eight hours every night, making sure your spine is properly aligned, plays a key role in your overall health and happiness.  This article is for those who are still a little vague on the connection.

Your feet are connected to your...

As the saying goes, your feet are connected to your hips and Lumbar spine and everything else in between.  

 Scientific Research has shown this connection as one of inter-dependency.  In other words the proper alignment of your feet and more importantly, your three arches, directly affects the alignment of the structures above it, including your Lumbar spine. 

Loss of any of the three aches of your feet can produce back and neck pain.  One of the most common causes of back pain is Poor Posture created by the loss of Arch Support.

My office provides a digital, computerized, 3-Dimensional analysis of these arches.  So if chronic back pain and neck pain and headaches are affecting your life, call my office today and schedule a 

FREE 3-D Arch Evaluation! 


​ My Patient's Questions Answered!

This month I answer some of the most common questions I am asked  through my web site, as well as, through my Initial Consultations with new patients. Despite the fact that the profession of Chiropractic Medicine has been around for over 111 years,  is included in all medical insurance benefit packages including Medicare, as well as, Auto and Worker's Comp plans, and that medical providers regularly refer to Doctors of Chiropractic,   myths and misconceptions still abound.

So here's my attempt at de-mystifying and de-bunking the stories that are still out there.  My goal here is to bring hope to those suffering needlessly with pain. 

Question:  Does getting adjusted "hurt"?

 No, it actually feels great getting adjusted/re-aligned/ manipulated.  Think of it this way: imagine carrying a 50 pound bag of rocks all day long over your shoulder and suddenly I told you "drop it immediately"! How do you think you would feel?  Well that's how getting adjusted feels like to the majority of my patients.  All muscle spasms and pain an instant!  In the hands of an experienced and caring doctor, each treatment should produce that same feeling.

Question:  Is it true that once I start Chiropractic care I have to keep going indefinitely?

No, that is not true.  Once your pain is gone or almost all gone and your spine is stabilized, no more treatment is necessary.   But I do have patients who choose to be proactive in that they keep their spine as healthy as possible by getting adjusted regularly.  Imagine going to your dentist for a cavity but never going to him/her ever again for a cleaning.  Preposterous! 

Question:  Is Chiropractic care expensive?  Does my Insurance pay for Chiropractic? What about co-pays and deductibles?

No it is not expensive.  Consider this:

                              Back Surgery: $15,000 per condition

                              Pain Management:  $300-500 per treatment

                              Physical Therapy:  Hundreds of dollars.

What's important to note about all of these treatment options is that most back pain do not need such extensive, invasive, and oftentimes, life altering procedures.  Most back pain respond best to Chiropractic care.  And scientific research worldwide bears that out! 

Most if not all insurance plans cover Chiropractic care.  And at my office ( and no other office in the Lehigh Valley, I know because I took a poll) co-pays and deductibles are never a reason for not receiving care.  Oftentimes co-pays and deductibles can be waived or reduced significantly depending on your financial situation.  If fact, I have the most affordable and budget friendly Cash Plan in the Lehigh Valley for those with no Insurance, Multiple Co-pays and High Deductibles.

Question:  Does Chiropractic care work on other types of conditions besides Back Pain?

Chiropractic has been MOST effective on NECK PAIN,  BACK PAIN AND TENSION TYPE HEADACHES.  It has a 50% success rate on Migraines.    Chiropractic care has also shown to be effective on common childhood conditions like TORTICOLLIS, OTITIS MEDIA, ALLERGIES AND COMMON SPORTS INJURIES.  

Research conducted in the US also point to Chiropractic's effectiveness on Whiplash injuries and Injuries sustained at work.  In fact, people who seek chiropractic care after an injury at work, return to work faster at a lower cost then those who seek medical care.     

*  Copies of Research materials and Scientific studies mentioned in this article are available upon request.  



POSTURE: The "Window" To Your Overall Health

In my 20+ years of private practice, I have been able to track 4 major categories for the cause of Back Pain.  They include:

1. Poor Posture: 82%

2. Accidents and Falls: 12%

3. Organ System Related: 4%

4. Idiopathic: 2%

Clearly the most common cause relates to posture. This includes work posture, sleeping posture, and daily living posture. The most common postural deviation: Lumbar Hypo and Hyper-Lordosis and Cervical Anterior Carriage.

Both of these deviations from the norm will lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, as well as,  pain, numbness and weakness of the extremities. Both causes respond favorably to Chiropractic care.

Evaluating your posture can be easily done using the 3-D Posture Analyzer System available in my office. It serves as the Foundation for Corrective Spinal Management, which is  geared towards correcting both Hyper-Lordosis and Anterior Head Carriage. 

 Call to schedule your FREE 3-D Posture Exam today!

Chronic Neck Pain

Dr. Antonio Fernando: Posted on Sunday Jan 22, 2017

A Common cause of Chronic Neck Pain

There are over 3 million people that get into rear end crashes and suffer Whiplash Injuries. Only about 10% will seek care from a Doctor of Chiropractic. The rest of the people will not seek any care at all or seek care from inappropriate and ineffective health care providers.

From this group, about 43% will suffer with Chronic Neck Pain. This condition often leads to Degenerative Disc Disease, Headaches, Upper Extremity Weakness, and a host of other health care issues that involves the heart, lungs, immune systems, vision, hearing and organs and muscles of the throat.

More than half of the people that are involved in these type of crashes are women, who wore their seat belts, and with car speeds not exceeding 12 mph.

Unfortunately, most of these people do not seek the most effective care available for Whiplash; Chiropractic care. Research has shown that people who have seen Chiropractors immediately following their crashes have recovered enough to prevent Chronic neck pain. 

The Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Antonio Fernando: Posted on Friday, Dec 16, 2016

Chiropractic care is best known for relieving back and neck pain without the use of drugs or surgery. It is the most popular and most natural healing treatment in the world!

There are other health benefits when getting "adjusted" regularly. The most important, which have been verified through clinical trials and scientific research, include:

A reduction of physical and chemical stress

An increase in Immune System function

A reduction in blood pressure

A reduction in severity and frequency of Tension Headaches

A reduction in severity of chronic pain syndromes

A reduction in Otitis Media (Ear Infections) symptoms

A decrease in Constipation episodes

An increase in a sense of well being

A reduction in the use of prescription and over the counter medications

A reduction in snoring

An increase in sleep length

If getting healthier is your goal, make Chiropractic care part of the plan!

Whiplash, Neck Pain, Car Accidents and Chiropractic

Dr. Antonio Fernando: Posted on Nov 1, 2016

Low Impact, Rear end crashes can cause moderate to severe injuries to anyone's Cervical Spine. Research has shown that speeds of no more than 3-12 mph are the most common speeds reported for a neck injury to occur.

Research has also shown that choosing to receive chiropractic care immediately after an accident results in a lower percentage of suffering with life long chronic neck pain and headaches.

I am one of only a handful of Whiplash experts in the state of Pennsylvania. And the only one who holds an Advanced Masters Certification in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology, in the Lehigh Valley.

What does this mean? Not only the best care possible for your injury, but the most professional and experienced care available today.

Return To Work Faster With Chiropractic Care

Dr. Antonio  Fernando: Posted on Oct 05, 2016

Have you been injured at work?

Scientific research over the past 10 years followed tens of thousands of injured workers that complained of back pain that occurred from an incident at work.

The results were that injured workers seeking the care of Doctors of Chiropractic:

1. Returned to work faster as compared to medical and physical therapy care.

2. Cost almost half as much to the insurance company, and

3. Re-injury rarely occurred.

So if your goal is to get back to work as fast as possible, Chiropractic care should be your first choice.

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