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Anti-Aging Medicine Program

My Anti-Aging Medicine Program consists of seven parts. All are equally important and the cumulative effect of all seven areas gives the benefit of the program; living a longer and healthier life.

The Program consists of :

One Initial Consultation and Examination (3-4 Hours with a healthier lunch provided)

One Follow-up Visit

(2 hours)

18 Monthly Progress Visits

(1/2 hour)

The following will be the areas of concentration:


Stress Reductions and Social Interactions

Weight Control

Diet Changes

Beneficial Individual Foods



Cost of Program: $ 3,255.00

Includes Initial, Follow-up and Progress visits.

Laser Lipo Treatments


Ageless Advantage Text Book

First month's Supplementation Included 

(Subsequent Supplementation Out of Pocket)


We accept major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash and Checks

Medical Health Plans may offset some of the costs. Please call for details.

Call now to set up your Initial Consultation and begin realizing your full Genetic Potential.

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